The Cuttin With Shynia Benefit Stallion Auction is the primary fundraiser for the "Cuttin With Shynia" Youth Scholarship Cutting. These stallion owners have generously donated the breeding to their stallions to support "Cuttin With Shynia" Youth Scholarship Cutting. 100% of the money from the winning bids goes to the Funds raised from this program help support the youth scholarship cutting, youth awards, and various youth activities during this show.
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contact us if you would like to donate a Breeding!

Shynia Randles Memorial Scholarship Award Nomination Form

Bidding has begun!!!!!
Ends on February 24th, 2016 at 7:00 PM CST SHARP!

Ends in only 15 Days from today!

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Register with and you'll be able to bid on the Stallion Services of some of the Finest Stallions in the industry!  Just complete the form below and click the Create Button. You will receive an email message confirming your login name and password. (You might want to keep that message for future reference.)
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By clicking the Create Cuttin With Shynia Online Stallion Auction Registration button, you agree to accept the terms and conditions of the auction listed below.

Cuttin With Shynia Online Stallion Auction shall be governed by the following terms and conditions:
  The stallion services purchased through the "Cuttin With Shynia Benefit Stallion Auction" are intended for the Current year breeding season only.
  Mare owners may submit a bid on any number of stallion services.
  Minimum bids - 25% of published breeding fees only.
    The breeding fee does not include mare care, chute fees or veterinary care during breeding, you must contact breeding facility for costs.

  You must register in order to place a bid.
  Bids may only be placed Online; bids will not be accepted by phone or mail.
  The winning bidder for each breeding must submit a check made out to "Cuttin With Shynia Benefit Stallion Auction" within 5 days of auction closure.
  Bids will be posted on the website immediately, with the highest bid always being current.
  Bids are binding. Bids may not be retracted once submitted.
  Breedings purchased through the "Cuttin With Shynia Benefit Stallion Auction" are not transferrable and may not be re-sold by the purchaser.
  When the auction concludes, unsold auction breedings will be available on a "Buy It Now", first-come first-served basis at 50% of the advertised breeding fee.

Bidding Issue?
If you attempt to bid on a stallion and it continually asks for you to login, then cookies are not enabled on our browser.  Cookies are required to be enabled for this site to function.  In Internet Explorer, go to Tools\Internet Settings\Privacy and make sure that it is set to the default setting.  Close and reopen Internet Explorer and try again.  If it still does not allow you to bid, then change the Privacy setting to the lowest settings to accept all cookies.  Place your bid and then change the setting back to the default setting.

Cuttin With Shynia Online Stallion Auction
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