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The Cuttin With Shynia Stallion Service Program is being established as a fundraiser to help ensure the growth and progress of this scholarship program.

Stallion Services are donated to Cuttin With Shynia (hereinafter referred to as “CWS”) and the donated services will be offered for sale through the CWS Stallion Service Program. Information on donated stallions will be listed on the CWS and Big Sky Web Design websites, and possibly published in other horse publications.

As a condition of this contract the stallion owner/donor must agree to the following.

  1.  The stallion owner’s standard breeding contract will be signed indicating the donated breeding and sent to the breeding facility so they will be familiar with the donation. A photocopy of the breeding contract should also be returned to CWS with this donation contract for informational purposes. The owner is responsible for sending the original breeding contract to the mare owner.
  2.  If the stallion is sold anytime during the stallion auction, the donor of the stallion breeding must immediately notify CWS.
  3.  The stallion owner may charge the mare owner for normal mare care charges and any other applicable fees such as chute fees, veterinary fees, semen shipping fees, etc.
  4. Once the breeding has been sold, CWS will notify the stallion owner and breeding facility. The contact person’s name and phone number of the breeding facility will be given to the purchaser. Breeding arrangements will be made between donor and purchaser. CWS is not responsible for booking dates or any additional fees associated with this breeding.

Stallion Service Auction Procedures

  • All breedings donated to the program will be offered for sale online at cuttinwithshynia.com. If a stallion stands at Private Treaty or is syndicated, an “established” breeding fee will be determined. In order for a bid to be considered, it must be at least twenty-five percent (25%) of the advertised or established breeding fee.
  • Any breeding not sold when initial bidding closes (February 20th 2020) will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis for 50% of the advertised breeding fee. Donated breedings will be offered until sold or until April 15, 2020, which will be the last day of the CWS Stallion Service program for the year.
  • A stallion owner/donor may purchase their own stallion service at fifty percent (50%) of the advertised or “established” breeding fee at the time of donation. This will eliminate the stallion from the public auction, but the stallion will still be listed in all publications and on the CWS website.
  • Any breeding purchased through the CWS Stallion Service Program may not be transferred or re-sold by the purchaser. Breedings are for the 2020 season only. Any carryover to a future year is at the sole discretion of the stallion owner.

Important Notice:

The purpose of this program is to provide funds for scholarships, awards, prizes, and other activities to promote and encourage participation in Cutting by NCHA youth members. In view of this purpose, there will be no refund of winning bids for any reason. After the bidding has been completed, any transaction dealing with the breeding will be solely between the stallion owner and the mare owner. It will in no way involve the NCHA or Cuttin with Shynia. Submitting a contract indicates acceptance of the foregoing statements.

Please include a photocopy of the stallion’s registration papers AND a photocopy of the breeding contract. Email photo of stallion for the website to acrskansas@live.com 
Complete forms can be faxed to (316) 462-0882 or mailed to:
Cuttin With Shynia Stallion Service Program
c/o Lee Ann Bates
27113 W. Mills Ave.
Plevna, KS, 67568.

Questions can be directed to Lee Ann Bates at (620) 664-7230 or Susie Randles at (620) 353-3042.

Bidding Issue?
If you attempt to bid on a stallion and it continually asks for you to login, then cookies are not enabled on your browser.  Cookies are required to be enabled for this site to function.  In Internet Explorer, go to Tools\Internet Settings\Privacy and make sure that it is set to the default setting.  Close and reopen Internet Explorer and try again.  If it still does not allow you to bid, then change the Privacy setting to the lowest settings to accept all cookies.  Place your bid and then change the setting back to the default setting.

Lee Ann Bates
27113 W. Mills Ave.
Plevna, KS 67568

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